I’m so psyched for next week’s episode because I honestly think any of the final eight could be going home.

  • NuSolana could stick together and Pagong Spencer, Jeremiah and Tasha.
  • Tony and Woo could vote with NuAparri again and get rid of Kass, Jefra or Trish.
  • Kass, Jefra and Trish could feel betrayed or threatened by Tony and Woo and send them packing with the help of NuSolana.
  • countless other possibilities.

This season, I s2g.

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So I was chatting to a friend of mine about Survivor the other day, and he offhandedly mentions that he met Jonny Fairplay back in ‘09.

Like it wasn’t a big deal.

And he hadn’t thought to mention it to me till now.


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