i think everyone needs to take the spiritual journey that is survivor exile island and witness actual kween cirie

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"We’re not trying to tell you that to have an adventure you have to go join NASA’s training program, and we’re not telling you that to have an adventure you need to get on an RV and to a 20 day road trip. We end all these episodes with go "play outside" and while playing in the backyard is a great idea, it’s not totally literally what we mean. In a figurative sense, just get out of the way you pigeonhole yourself in your everyday life. Try something new, take a risk, and have more adventures again - which is truly the spirit of this place."

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Look who went to high school with my mom

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Apparently Dr. Ramona retired from Survivor and I don’t know if I can live with this.

Also Russ Landau’s last season was Blood vs Water :(

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the first season of survivor is actually hilarious


oh greg


season one is such an adorable mess. 

especially when jeff would pop out from behind bushes to explain things.image

"The castaways will participate in challenges to win rewards as well as immunity" kthx jeffrey. 

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