Comic Con is great and all but let’s get real when will there be a survivor convention

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"My prize isn’t even the million dollars. My prize was that I fell in love in this game. Love at first sight. Her name is Candice."

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plan voodoo was a flop but i totally understand the plan. it was smart

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"it comes down to knowing yourself really well. i’m very aware of the vibes that i give off and the way other people perceive them, and i’m also aware of what i’m getting back and if there’s an imbalance."

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make me choose:

survivoraddict asked: bobby jon drinkard or jamie newton

When the whole feud went down, I took the side of Jamie, and always will. I really hope he plays again one day!

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i think everyone needs to take the spiritual journey that is survivor exile island and witness actual kween cirie

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